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zarLizzard's Profile Picture
Leonard Ray Richards III
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States

Welcome to my world. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I am Leonard Ray Richards III, the Lizzard. I also go by Leo, GeKKO, Gekkojira, Yamoryu, GWARTALLICA and, occasionally, Chiteki. I'm glad that I found a place to finally show others my artwork (and writing!).


* My favorite things to draw are monsters. My earliest influences were Jurassic Park and Resident Evil. I love to draw anything that falls under that category.

* I am a student at the Art Institute of California - Sacramento. Love it.


Here are some tidbits about moi.

* I love getting requests. Seriously; GIVE ME REQUESTS.

* I text while driving. Get over it. This WILL change if I ever get a phone without actual buttons.

* If you DeviantWatch me, I would very much appreciate it if you would comment on my work; it annoys me when I don't hear anything from DeviantWatchers. Faves are cool too, but not that important.

* I don't mind if you thank me for a fave, but if you drop by my profile, please check out my gallery.

* I don't think Pennywise would have been very creepy if he weren't Tim Curry.

* I'm straight, but I very much support gay relationships. Honestly, why do you care if someone you don't know has sex with someone else you don't know? Oh, that's right, you don't. Unless they're both guys. I think love is love, and on that note most STRAIGHT marriages should never have been allowed.

♂ + ♂ = ♥
♀ + ♀ = ♥
♀ + ♂ = ♥

* I don't discriminate.

* My philosophy is carpe diem. I don't carpe much diem, but that's still what I believe. :shakefish:

* Speaking of carpeing diem, I am a lot like Flint Lockwood.

* Here is a Klingon {{:<

* I'm 5'11'' barefoot. This angers me.

* I look up to my father (RIP Lizzard) and James Hetfield. Nobody else. Oh, and Bruce Lee. Motherfucker could catch grains of rice out of the air with chopsticks!

* Also, my father was 6'2", so I'll always look up to him... I'm older than 20, so I think I'm done growing.

* I enjoy playing guitar, though I no longer have the patience to play it for very long. This also angers me.

* I also would like to be a singer (for a band) and a voice actor. Seriously, I'm good, I just have no way to get into it.

* I have pretty low self-esteem, mainly when it comes to my looks.

* Long ago, I developed a drawing style that resembles the Zerg/Hydralisk or whatever race from Starcraft. I've never played it. Pure coincidence. So I get a little miffed when I hear "it looks like a hydralisk" about so many of my creature creations.

* I don't usually remember my dreams. More anger.

* I'm actually waiting for the zombie apocalypse. I think it will happen eventually. And I will survive. You probably won't...

* Obviously, I am not much of a fan of drawing humans, or otherwise largely anthropomorphic creatures. I like. Freakin'. Monsters. Just keep that in mind, if you will. It's not that I won't do them, I'm just not as comfortable with that body style as draconic and demonic things, so I often feel I wouldn't do such a request justice. I will gladly take on ANY request, though, if you really feel I am the right person to do it.

* I don't draw scenes so much; I'm pretty much a concept artist. Now if only I could do THAT for a living...

* I welcome criticism, just keep it nice and constructive, OK?

* I'm a "fave and runner", so forgive me if I fave 90% of your gallery without saying anything. Though I WILL comment about it on your profile...

* NO watchbacks, period. Don't even ask. I watch those whose art I REALLY appreciate.


Here are some things I like.

Star Trek, FORVER!


Doctor Who (this one is new)


Resident Evil



People who are nice to me



TV Tropes. GOD, how I love TV Tropes.




The Simpsons

Metallica, GWAR, Rammstein, System of a Down, Iced Earth, and many, many more. I don't just like metal though, I like pretty much anything that isn't igno-rap or country. I love weird, genre-breaking music like Mindless Self Indulgence, and old timey punk like Ramones and stuff. I'm surprised there is no music-oriented section of deviantArt.



Tasteless humor

My ACTIVE Watchers

My friends

The rain

And petrichor, for that matter.



Flame wars. Always hilarious.



Obviously, anything in my Favorites is something that I like for one reason or another.


Here are some things I don't like.

Star Wars


The fact that toys and merchandise for new movies comes out sometimes months in advance.

Not to mention that the toys and collector cups and all that for movies almost ALWAYS spoil a bunch of crap! Even worse than trailers.

People who make no attempt to spell correctly.

Seeing people make bulbasuar, ivysaur, and venusaur drawn as FROGS. SAUR MEANS LIZARD! THEY'RE REPTILES. :wtf:

People with no respect for police officers. The fact is it is their fucking JOB to stop people from breaking laws. They don't need shit from people who think "OH stupid cop" Call the cops the pigs around me, and I will be very fucking upset.

Isms. Racism, sexism, nationalism, et cetera. If you really think you're better than someone else because they are Not. Like. You. then you have serious problems, and you can go away now.

On a related note, I also hate stereotypes. *ahem* OFFENSIVE WORDS AHEAD.
You've been warned.

Non-constructive criticism
And that doesn't just apply to my stuff. If I see such a comment on someone else's work, it bugs me then, too.

The children's channels these days. Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, mainly. I enjoy some of the shows, mainly Avatar: the Last Airbender, but their advertising, their look, the very attitudes of the networks just bugs me.*

FUCK PeTA. Animals are great, but fuck PeTA. Just check in on Penn and Teller's episode of Bullshit about PeTA to see why. I'll even point you in the right direction, if you've got half an hour to kill:
Part 1…
Part 2…
Part 3…

Terrorist-funding, hypocritical, extremist nutjobs.

Phineas and Ferb, Chowder, Flapjack, many many other very stupid cartoons these days. Adventure Time is pretty funny though.

Children swearing. It's just not funny.

Stupid, arrogant people who think they're cool and better than everyone else. Oh, and the people who defend them.

Overly religious people.

The Evolution vs. Creation argument. I believe in both, why is that so hard?

Also, the entire abortion issue. It's none of anyone's business what anyone else does. I happen to be pro-life AND pro-choice. If you just got confused it goes like this: I think abortion is the wrong choice. I would never want anyone to do it. But I fully support the RIGHT of any woman to decide for herself whether or not it's what's best for her.

Self-righteous people

People who go around all the nudes on this site going "how is this art" or even worse "porn. REPORTED." Look, YOU don't have to see something as artistic for others to.

Writer's (illustrator's) block

People who use "IT'S A FREE COUNTRY" as an excuse to act like a dick

Slow internet, or not being able to connect to the internet. (If I see the "This page cannot be displayed" page ONE MORE TIME...)

Fake Anti-virus programs (seriously, those things need to die a slow and painful death)


Inactive Watchers (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE... or maybe you don't)

Most fanbases. Seriously, most people who claim themselves as part of a fanbase are douches. I belong to quite a few, but I don't think my stuff is better than yours.




:bulletblack: People I hope to meet, and why:
James Hetfield - He is Metallica
Dave Brockie - He is GWAR
Mike Derks - he is also GWAR
:iconmorticianoftheoracle: - she is a fucking fiergfewg!
Michael C. Hall - he's awesome
Sean Connery - he's Sean FUCKING CONNERY! My favorite movie is DRAGONHEART!
Robert Downey Jr. - again, because he's awesome
I pretty much just want to meet actors from my favorite things, because they're awesome.

:bulletblack: People I wish I could have met:
Bruce and Brandon Lee
Gandhi would have been interesting

However, give me some notice and it just might be ok.

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